Laboratory Test


Bridge bearing is structures connected from bridge beams to abutment, pillar with the following effects:

  • Transmission of full vertical force due to the weight of the beam itself and the load of exploitation;
  • Transmission of all or a part of the horizontal force due to the influence of temperature, magnetization, shrinkage and the impact of wind loads, earthquakes … or exploitation load (brake force, centrifugal force);
  • Transmission of the rotation of the beam by the impact of the exploitation load or result of other deformation of the structure;
  • Receiving other movements of abutment with limited level.

Due to the important nature of bridge bearing, it is necessary to verify the technical standards of the bearings before using. The actual bridge bearing test is to test whether the characteristics of the bridge bearing meet the technical requirements of construction or not.

Prestressed cable used in the bridge and road industry are usually steel cables used for towing, power lines for bridges. These cables are usually the best quality cables that require high strength, large cable diameter, rigidity and low grease.

As bridge bearings, before using, prestressed cable should be tested to test bearing capacity.

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