Geotechnical and building monitoring


  • Analyzing and evaluating the consolidation process of the ground.
  • Checking the actual status of the construction close to the calculation status when designing or not to decide on emergency measures in the field.
  • Knowing the actual status of soft soil under construction to check the value of some parameters used when designing.


Piezometer installation is done as follows:

  • Drilling 100mm diameter borehole to the requested depth and piezometer tip installed in clayey sand layer.
  • Installing piezometer sensor at the bottom of borehole, then filling borehole in turn by 1 – 2 m sand or small grave, 1 – 2 m bentonite pellets and grouting bentonite full the borehole.

Piezometer sensors are installed in borehole. Its sensing mechanism consists of a tensioned steel wire, a diaphragm, and an electromagnetic coil. Pressure causes the diaphragm to deflect, reducing tension in the wire. The vibrations of the wire near the coil generates a frequency signal that is transmitted via a signal cable to the readout device.


  • TCVN 8869:2011 “Method for measurements of pore pressures in soil”.
  • AASHTO T252:96 “Standard Method of Test for Measurements of Pore Pressures in Soils”.
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