On the journey of 16 years of establishment and development, co-operating with the sustainable development of COGECO is a team of more than 120 highly specialized personnel. With COGECO “The success of an enterprise cannot come from an individual’s effort but must be a collective effort” so we do not build a personal title, we build a team and the team go branding.

In developing a sustainable human resource development strategy, COGECO always strives to create a professional working environment coupled with the foundation of professional knowledge, best job skills to help employees stabilize their stable career. Particularly, COGECO offers the best remuneration policies for employees: salary – bonus – welfare – opportunities.


Focus on building a salary policy that is higher than the market average, competitive compared to other companies in the same industry. We believe that people are COGECO’s most valuable assets, so we consider wages to be the most effective investment. Therefore working at COGECO, you will receive a salary commensurate with the capacity and competition compared to the market.

In addition, the company periodically reviews salary adjustments according to job performance, cases with outstanding achievements are adjusted salary before term.


All official employees of COGECO are guaranteed for the policies and regimes in accordance with the Vietnam Labor Law, welfare regimes are under the Collective Labor Agreement such as:

  • Housing support policy : This creates conditions for employees to feel secure to work and to dedicate;
  • 24/24 accident insurance: The Company buys human accident insurance for employees who sign the type of labor contract with a definite term of 1 year or more;
  • Annual tourism for all employees and relatives;
  • Lunch allowance at the company;
  • Fully participate in social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance after signing an official labor contract;
  • Bonus for the 13th month;
  • Bonuses on holidays, Tet …
  • Other welfare regimes: Birthday, marriage, mourning, sickness, ….


At COGECO, all employees have opportunities to develop professional competence and leadership skills with the motto of investing in employees to improve the quality of products and services. Through the policy of “Employee Development”, COGECO constantly strives to upgrade and improve training programs to ensure the quality of staff in professional knowledge, management skills and working attitudes.

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