• The first step to practice company culture, contributing to preserving and promoting the core values that the company is aiming for;
  • Meeting the work requirements, preserving the company’s image;
  • Let each individual work professionally, have a sense of responsibility, respect colleagues, and customers;
  • Contribute to bringing the company’s products and services to customers;
  • Guide new employees.


All employees of Consultancy for Construction, Geotechnics and Environment Co.Ltd – COGECO.


  • Customers is the center. Staff is representative of the company’s image. Satisfying customers is the duty of all employees;
  • “MORE THAN YOUR NEEDS”: we not only bring our customers outstanding quality services but also make customers completely convinced with our behavioral culture ;
  • Satisfied customers may continue to be our prospective customers or bring other potential customers to the company.


  • In all activities, keep the belief that “Challenges Are Opportunities”, not afraid of difficulties, always work hard, conscientiously complete the assigned tasks as well as take responsibility for what you have done.
  • Mastering professional knowledge as well as understanding what you are doing. In addition, all employees must clearly know about all products and services of the company that each of COGECO employees can answer and advise customers in case customers have questions about the work we are doing or our company’s existing services.

For co-workers – “Respect – Support – Unite”

  • Respect, be equal and trust each other;
  • Treat each other as members of a family;
  • Always aware of teamwork, unite and support each other to complete the work on the thought of “WIN – WIN”, prohibiting acts of dividing factions, defaming or inhibiting each other ‘s work, causing disunity in internal.

For Customers – “Listen – Heartfelt – Subtle”

  • Clothes: polite and according to the company’s regulations;
  • Focus on listening, not interrupting;
  • Always keep a calm, friendly, confident, poised and respectful attitude in every situation;
  • Introducing top-down order (if more people) with full name and position, using namecard (cardvisit) in negotiating transactions with customers show respect to partner. When giving/receiving cardvisit must use both hands, lean slightly forward and say hello or thank you socially …
  • Apologize if any problems occur.

At construction site – “Serious – Conscientious – Responsible”

  • Comply with company regulations on occupational safety, uniforms, working hours;
  • Focus, exert and proactively perform tasks to fulfill the assigned responsibilities;
  • When customers have questions about ongoing work or ask more about the company’s services, all employees are responsible for answering. Absolutely do not answer in this way: “I do not know/It is not my job” or answer indiscriminately, causing misunderstandings and doubts for customers. If the information is outside the scope of knowledge, please talk to the superior before answering customers.

At the company

  • Rooms are neat and tidy;
  • Water, documents, pens, … must be transferred ready;

Communicate with customers by phone

When receiving a call from a customer:

  • Polite greetings when catching the phone; for corporate telephones must start by saying: “COGECO hello”
  • The voice is clear, slow, moderate, not too loud but not whispering;
  • Focus on listening with a positive attitude and taking notes (if needed);
  • Respond shortly, clearly and understandably, avoid long arguments. If you do not have the correct information to provide to the customer, you must apologize and schedule a specific response time. Absolutely do not answer customers if there is no accurate information.
  • Avoid eating or drinking while talking on the phone;
  • Do not unexpectedly hang up;
  • Repeat conversation content , summarize and agree with customers to avoid misunderstandings.

When calling customers:

  • Say “hello”, give your name and position and purpose of the call;
  • Consider the call time: avoid early morning, evening or lunch breaks;
  • The voice is gentle and inspiring, and when you talk, you should always smile, because even if the other person doesn’t see it, they still feel how you are talking to them;
  • Prepare the exchange content in advance;
  • Say “Thank you” for finishing the call.

Communicate with customers via email

  • Email name: use email address according to the structure:
  • Font: Cambria, Size: 12
  • Email signature: according to the prescribed form (color, layout, content) of the company.

Communicate with customers via paper

When exchanging with customers in written documents, they must follow the prescribed forms of the company and affix the company seal.

All employees, regardless of their work, must follow the rules of behavior and communication with co-workers as well as customers, together make COGECO brand grow.

Customers not only remember us about the quality of services we provide but also about the working attitude and behavior of all COGECO employees with slogàn “MORE THAN YOUR NEEDS”.

We are a group :

  • Always carry the spirit of “Challenges Are Opportunities”;
  • Always “Respect – Support – Unite”;
  • Always “Listen – Heartfelt – Subtle” when communicating and dealing with colleagues as well as customers;
  • Always “Serious – Conscientious – Responsible” in work.

Each of COGECO employees will be a factor contributing to COGECO’s success at present and in the future. Any act that goes against the behavior rules or deliberately prevents it will be subject to scrutiny

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